Master EV Conversion with Expert Guidance – 2024 Edition

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The electrification of personal transport vehicles is one of the strategies to counteract global warming and dependence on fossil fuels.
Diesel-powered cars are already prohibited in several big cities and fuel prices are constantly climbing.
Even so, electric cars are still a premium that not everyone can afford as they could an older ICE car.
This means that there can be a gap in the near future where the working- and middle class can neither afford a new EV nor refuel their combustion engine car.

This course will walk you step by step to your first electric vehicle conversion.
The conversion is meant to be a DIY project that can be carried out by anyone with the capacity to learn all the skills necessary and with sufficient funds to own a car in the first place.

With this course, our goal is to help ensure that the trend of converting classic cars to electric continues to grow. That’s the reason why this course is for anyone interested in the electric vehicles field.
You will learn from the nature of electricity with proper analogies to the sizing of the EV components to wiring and programming the control devices.

This course includes converting 2 projects, one for simple devices and an inexpensive budget, the other project is more advanced with high-tech devices, to have options to choose from.

What Will You Learn?

  • Nature of Electricity
  • Understand the Main EV Components
  • EV Conversion Plan ( Step-by-Step)
  • EV Conversion Electrical Wiring
  • CAN Network
  • Wire & Program VCU
  • Wire & Program BMS
  • Full EV Conversion Projects