Our Story



I’m Mohamed Lamaachi, an electrical and electronics engineer. I worked with mega-companies in this sector. Till I decided to quit the job and build my own business, which was my best decision ever. Now, my company accomplished more than 130 projects in over 3 countries.


I’ve started my teaching career in 2014 as a hobby to share my humble knowledge with the world. I worked in a business partnership with several platforms that offer online courses, which I don’t regret because it allowed me to develop skills in creating professional content. That journey opens so many doors for me to teach more than 130 000 students all over the world.


Last year I team with a friend John Hofman that shares the same passion as I do. John has worked at the Tesla factory for more than 6 years, you can only imagine what type of knowledge and experience he gathered there. So, I believe that our partnership is going to produce the latest updates in the electric vehicles field for our students.

Mission & Vision

We want to help you to be part of the growing sector of green jobs that involve environmentally conscious production. Be one of the individuals that maximize the energy potential of clean energy sources including wind, solar energy, and electric vehicles.

Things that make us proud

Choose your learning level


You can start with no prior knowledge. Our system of building the course is to take you step by step through each concept which will help you process the information fast and effectively.


We all know that the technology world is progressing at a fast rate, and whatever you learn yesterday is outdated today. So our plan is to update the courses each month, to keep you ahead of the technological wave.


Mohamed Lamaachi

Entrepreneur, Electrical Engineer

John Hofman

Electrical & Computer Engineer